Liliana Arroyo

With a PhD in Sociology, she is a researcher at the ESADE Institute for Social Innovation.

An expert in digital transformation and social impact, she has participated in research teams working on several projects in different areas of sociology, all with the shared aim of understanding social phenomena and major changes in the collective domain. She is presently researching into the social impact of digital tools on ways of acting, feeling, and relating. She writes for the dailies Ara and El Periódico, among others and has also taken part in RAC1 and TV3 programmes. She recently published her first book, “Tú no eres tu selfi. 9 secretos digitales que todo el mundo vive pero nadie cuenta” (Editorial Milenio, 2020). She is a regular participant in non-academic spaces for knowledge transfer.



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We asked different authors to take a free, textual, no-links approach to the idea of disconnection and technology addiction.