The Home of All of US

Juan Insua

We take a look at the different meanings of the word “home” and the considerations they open up about our present and our future.


Becoming a Web Series

Ofèlia Carbonell

We have gone from showing our offline lives on the Internet, to living in accordance with our online personas.


Critical Physics

Ignasi Torrent

An invitation to review the relationship between scientific progress and intentionally dispossessive political, economic and social projects.



Maria Climent Huguet

A Christmas story, a journey back to the roots and to the family, a regression in the midst of the absurdity of everyday life...


Fail again. Fail epic

Valentina Tanni

Digital culture is reappropriating error and failure and using it as a critique of the prevailing aesthetic canons.


A museum “in-between”

Susana Arias

Notes for a mediation programme which places the emphasis on openness and listening, participation, the creation of networks and proximity.