Creative Commons

At CCCB LAB we have always worked to promote an open and distributed culture. This digital magazine is an online project with an informative vocation and is not for profit.


As far as possible, we always published the blog’s contents under Creative Commons licences. These types of licences offer some rights to third parties under certain conditions, such as the commercial use of the work, the creation of derived works or the possibility that these works maintain the licence of the original work.

The CCCB Lab contains writing by different authors who choose in which conditions they wish to share their text. At the end of the article we indicate which licence the text is subject to.

Want to use a CCCB LAB text?

We are pleased for our texts to have the maximum possible dissemination, but we also respect the rights of the authors. You will find the licence indicated at the end of each article:

  • All rights reserved by the author of this article. This means that you cannot reproduce the article without the express permission of the author.
  • Creative Commons licences. Review the conditions specified under the article’s Creative Commons licence, (mention of the author, non-commercial use, creation of a derived work, maintaining of the original licence, etc.) and check that it permits the use that you wish to make of it.

Should you publish the article, we would be very grateful if you would give us a hand in making ourselves known and mention us in the following way, including a link to the blog:

AUTHOR SURNAME, NAME (Year). Article title. Article originally published on the CCCB LAB blog under XXX licence. URL: [Last consulted: date]

For example: WATTS, L. (2018). Making Energy Futures at the Island Edge. Article originally published on the CCCB LAB blog under licence CC-BY-NC-ND. URL: [Last consulted: 3 April 2018]

When you publish it, we would be grateful if you would communicate this to us so that we have a record and are able to give you a hand in dissemination via the networks. Please write to us at: [email protected]