About us

We are the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona‘s digital magazine, a space dedicated to cultural research and innovation. With a clearly educational spirit, we are aimed at a wide audience interested in the topics that define the present and future of a new culture.

Mme. Alberti's flying prosthesis.

Mme. Alberti’s flying prosthesis. Source: Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

A magazine for the curious reader

All knowledge fields are interweaving: art, science, the humanities, technology. We cover everything from the reclaiming of the commons to literature in its widest sense, the advances and dilemmas brought by new technologies and the challenges of climate change. Innovating does not imply an uncritical fascination for novelty. We try to discern profound trends from momentary crazes. We explore genealogies, discovering new approaches and providing a complementary read to the activities and exhibitions at the CCCB

New methodologies for cultural praxis

We are interested in learning and spreading knowledge about professional experiences, with special attention to the creation and strengthening of networks, the designing of collaborative processes, a critical use of new technologies, expanded education, the future of archives and the emergence of new virtual and in-person audiences.

There are no maps for these territories

When everything changes, there can be no excluding dogmas. That’s why we are permanently in beta mode, crossing the bridges that connect art and science, understanding technologies as tools to experiment with new languages and formats, in a scenario where information increases exponentially and knowledge requires generosity and participation.

We work for an open and distributed culture

That’s why we publish most of our texts under CC licences, we release our contents in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and we send a monthly newsletter. We also publish dossiers on topics that spike our interest. You can find us on this website, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other platforms, where we build a network of interconnected content.

A commitment to parity

Whether as protagonists or creators, women are underrepresented in the world of culture. On a contents level we investigate practices that could revert this inequality from a feminist perspective, but we also work each year to achieve parity in the authorship of the articles.