Publish on LAB

Want to publish an article on CCCB LAB?

We want to give a voice to reflections that help understand the paths of contemporary culture. If you have an idea, you can send us a summary of 100 words to [email protected]. We will debate it at the next editorial meeting (held quarterly) and then we will contact you.

These are the recommendations we provide for authors:

  • Content: Whenever it is possible, we prefer unpublished content. We also accept fragments of books that are not yet published.
  • Tone: The text must be informational, with independent and unbiased content that is critical and informative. A look at the articles on the blog will give an idea of the tone to be used.
  • Subject: The text must be linked with any of the subjects that form the basis of our editorial line. Whenever possible, it is important to link the subject of the article with cultural institutions. For example, if talking about mobile apps, you could offer an overview of their use in museums and cultural centres, provide references of this or offer a reflection on it.
  • Experimental formats: We have begun to experiment with new formats, so we are open to proposals of formats beyond the in-depth article: creative interviews, essays, comic format, etc.
  • Extension and form: Around 1,200 words, including a small abstract of around 100 words. It must contain: title, abstract and links (never to commercial contents or companies).
  • Images and videos: We need two or three high-quality images or videos that are online (indicate the link) that illustrate the post. They must be your own property and you will have to grant rights to us so that we can publish them, or alternatively they must be under a Creative Commons licence that permits their modification or in the public domain. The following search engines may be of use to you: Let’s CC and Creative Commons Search. The image heading the post will be chosen by us in accordance with the graphic line of the CCCB LAB blog.
  • Rights: At the LAB we have always worked for the promotion of an open and distributed culture. Our aim is that all the materials can be shared under CC licences (About Creative Commons licences), but the author of the text will always have the last word.
  • Editing rights reserved: We reserve the right to vary the title and the text, as well as the images, for blog editorial or style reasons.