Internet. Visions of 1998

Report shot in 1998 where people is asked about Internet and its futu

To celebrate World Information Society Day we unearth a relic of the past in the form of a short report featuring early reflections on the Internet and its development. The digital revolution that we subsequently lived through can already be sensed in the comments of the experts and not-so-experts interviewed sixteen years ago, who were asked what the net is, what level of regulation the Internet would need in the future, and whether it would exist in the framework of a Virtual Republic. It is surprising to discover that neither the issues raised nor the answers given by the interviewees were too far off the mark.  Sixteen years later we can see that, back then, we were already grappling with dilemmas that are extremely topical today and are not yet fully resolved.

Along these lines, last February we carried out the Internet Universe project, which critically and creatively reflected on the Net and offered educators tools to take this information into the classroom. We are currently putting together an ‘educational suitcase’ for teachers that will be launched in July. This teaching resource includes materials from the training sessions to be used in the classroom in conjunction with the school curriculum. We also recommend the exhibition Big Bang Data, a project that explores the phenomenon of the data explosion that we are currently in the midst of.

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