Lucía Lijtmaer

Writer and journalist.

She has published the chronicles Quiero los secretes del Pentágono (I want the secrets of the Pentagon) (Capitán Swing, 2015), No Tenía casi nada que ponerte (You had almost nothing to wear) (Libros del Lince, 2016) and the essays Yo también soy una chica lista (I am also a smart girl) (Destino, 2017), Cultura en Tensión (Culture in tension) (2016, DA, Raig Verd) and Ofendiditos, la criminalización de la protesta (Offended, the criminalization of protest) (Anagrama). She regularly writes for El País, El Periódico de Catalunya, and collaborates with RAC1. She is the curator of the guerrilla and feminist culture festival Princesas y DarthVaders and co-directs with Isa Calderón the late night Deforme Semanal.


Lateral Approaches to Video Games

Adrià Pujol Cruells | Marta Salicrú | Lucía Lijtmaer | María García Vera

We invite an anthropologist, a journalist, a writer, and a performer to share their views of the world of video games.