Felipe G. Gil

Member of the coordination team of ZEMOS98, where he is co-head of international projects and mediator/facilitator.

He was coordinator of the international Doc Next Network (2011-2015) formed by organisations from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Poland and which works to promote projects in media literacy and social commitment, prominently including “Remixing Europe” (on the use of media literacy to combat stereotypes of migrants in the mainstream media)  and “Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons”, on how to document audiovisually and digitally the processes of political change that have occurred in some of these countries. He has been programmer of the ZEMOS98 Festival, the publisher of books such as La televisión no lo filma (2006) and Código Fuente: la remezcla (2009). Activist and author of over 50 video-remixes, he is a contributor to eldiario.es writing on social innovation, digital narratives and parenting. An experiment in feminist fatherhood, addicted to racket sports and to Tabbouleh, he is also capable of producing profound theories on Star Wars or on memes.


Memes as digital crafts

Felipe G. Gil

A democratic source of collective creativity, memes define our digital culture through transformative practices.



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