Valentina Tanni

Art historian, curator and lecturer.

Her research is centred on the relationship between art and technology, with a particular focus on internet culture. She teaches Digital Art at Politecnico University in Milan; New Media Aesthetics and Contemporary Art Language at NABA. New Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; Meme Culture and Aesthetics and Digital Media Culture at the John Cabot University in Rome. She published the books: “Random. Navigando contro mano, alla scoperta dell’arte in rete”, “Memestetica. Il settembre eterno dell’arte” (NOT / Nero Editions, 2020-23) and Exit Reality. Vaporwave, backrooms, weirdcore e altri paesaggi oltre la soglia” (NOT / Nero Editions, 2023).


Fail again. Fail epic

Valentina Tanni

Digital culture is reappropriating error and failure and using it as a critique of the prevailing aesthetic canons.