Laura Watts

Ethnographer of futures, poet, and writer, she asks: How is the future imagined and made? And, how might landscapes ‘at the edge’ make that future otherwise?

Laura Watts is a member of the Reconstrained Design Group, and an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. As a scholar, she works at the intersection between Science & Technology Studies (STS) and Anthropology. In her research, she has worked with the mobile telecoms industry, the renewable energy industry, and the public transport sector, and is now collaborating with people and places around marine energy in the Orkney islands, Scotland. Her latest book, Energy Islands Saga: Making Futures and Marine Energy, is due to be published by MIT Press. She is also co-author of Ebban an’ Flowan, the world’s first poetic primer to marine renewable energy. Her writing spans poetry and prose, from graphic novel to science fiction.