Irene Lapuente

Founder and director of La Mandarina de Newton, SL, a science and technology dissemination and communication company. She has collaborated with centres such as CosmoCaixa Barcelona and the Tech Museum of Innovation in California.

Founder and director of La Mandarina de Newton SL. Before creating her own company, Irene Lapuente had gained around ten years of experience in education, museums, development of scientific communication strategies and project management. She held posts such as Head of Communication of the Catalan Palaeontology Institute (ICP) and of the Languages and Systems Department (LSI) at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC). Previously, she was a member of the Education Department of CosmoCaixa in Barcelona and she also worked as a secondary education teacher.

Over the course of her career she has designed co-creation processes in culture, art, science and education. She has also organised and facilitated workshops to promote metadesign in the cultural sector. Her main interest lies in the intersection of forms of learning and she is a specialist in promoting projects that strengthen and cross scientific method, design thought and creative processes.

She graduated in Physics from the University of Barcelona. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication (UPF), a Postgraduate Diploma in Creation of Scientific Documentaries (UPF) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (UPC). She has been involved with dance from a very young age, with a qualification from London’s Royal Academy of Dance. It is from this background as physicist, communicator and dancer, along with her enthusiasm for learning every day, that the driving forces and interests behind her work and her own company stem.




Audiences in Action

Irene Lapuente

Chronicle of the workshop "Audiences in Action", which was held as part of the activities organised around the award ceremony for the Cultural Innovation Prize.