Ekhi L. de la Granja

Consulting professor at the UOC and member of Espai en blanc and @elpressentiment.

His main lines of research are archaic and classical Greece and contemporary political theory. A PhD student at the UB, he is currently working on a thesis about the problem of political equality and difference. He is currently a member of the Espai en Blanc collective.



Luxury communism and automation

Ekhi L. de la Granja

Is a world possible where robots do everything, while we simply enjoy life? We consider how automation will affect us, based on the book “Fully Automated Luxury Communism. A Manifesto” by Aaron Bastani.


An Insolent “Demos”

Ekhi L. de la Granja

We review one of the founding myths of Athenian democracy, the Solon reforms, to reflect on the meaning of equality and the values of contemporary democracy.