Scott Smith: “Barcelona is a good place for innovation”

What does innovation mean? How should we address climate change? What is the future of the internet? Interview with technology consultant, Scott Smith.

What do we mean by innovation? How should we address the challenge of climate change? What does cultural innovation consist of? Is the term “disruption” appropriate? What is the future of the internet? Utopia, dystopia, or both? Coinciding with his visit to the CCCB and with the preparations for the exhibition on Climate Change scheduled to take place in late 2017, we interviewed researcher, technology consultant, and critical futurist Scott Smith.

In the interview, he explains that cultural innovation introduces new dynamics that will totally transform our work methodologies, and that the most interesting places for the emergence of these new futures are those that manage to strike a balance between modernity and tradition. In order to deal with the changes that climate change will bring, it is necessary to involve agents from as many fields as possible, and to promote a radical change of sensibility. In this sense, we can see how current processes and formats are focused on the redefinition and adaptation to new hybrid cultures. Visiting a museum no longer means a date with history: it is a way of generating active knowledge. Institutions need to promote public participation in ways that involve co-authorship and can empower citizens. As Smith says, by being realistic and understanding the world in all its current complexity, we can find the most appropriate ways of solving our problems in an era defined by the emergence of the human species as a geological force.

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Scott Smith: “Barcelona is a good place for innovation”