Yannick Chevalier

French Stylistics professor at the Lumière University Lyon 2. She codirects the research program “Languages and gender (grammars, cultures, literatures)” and is a member of the science committee EGALES.

Yannick Chevalier is associate professor of French stylistics a Université Lyon 2, and a member of the Textes & Langue research group (Equip d’accueil 4160 Passages XX-XXI). His doctoral thesis focused on metaphor in the novels of Nathalie Sarraute. With Benoît Auclerc, he wrote Lire Monique Wittig aujourd’hui (Lyon, PUL, 2012) and he contributed to Monique Wittig’s Chantier littéraire [Literary Construction] (Lyon, PUL/Ixe, 2010). Co-director, with Laure Gardelle (École normale supérieure de Lyon) and Dominique Lagorgette (University of Savoy), of a research project on “Languages and Gender (grammars, cultures, literatures)” as part of the Academic Research Community ARC 5 in the Rhône-Alps region. He is a member of the Scientific and Educational Committee of the EAGLES European Master in Equality and Gender Studies.


What Gender Owes to Grammar

Yannick Chevalier | Christine Planté

Linguistic analysis and the study of language use is thus a necessary step in understanding how the social organisation of sex relations is perpetuated.