Mara Balestrini

Multimedia journalist expert in technological strategies and researcher specialising in human interaction with devices.

Mara Balestrini (Córdoba, Argentina, 1983) is a collaborator of the CCCB Lab and of Ideas for Change, a lecturer in new media and community management at the Escuela Superior de Comunicación Audiovisual MK3, and researcher in the GTI group.

She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and gained a postgraduate qualification in Media Arts. She studied for an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in cognitive systems and interactive media at the Pompeu Fabra University.

Se worked as a multimedia journalist for La Voz del Interior, where she set up the audiovisual platform of and She worked as an audiovisual producer from 2006 onwards and is creator of the Celumetrajes Workshop (short films shot on mobile phones) within the framework of the CCEC’s “Manos Libres” Celumetrajes Competition. She lectured on the subject New Audiovisual Narratives for the Postgraduate Course in Digital Journalism at the Obispo Trejo y Sanabria University College of Journalism and the Mobile Journalism workshop seminar at the same institution. She was Multimedia Area consultant on The Facebook Project of the UBA Data Processing Chair, whose chair professor is Alejandro Piscitelli. She has lectured at workshops on micro-stories and audiovisual production with mobile devices in Córdoba, Rosario, San Luis, Buenos Aires, La Rioja, Lima and Medellin. She was awarded a prize by the FNPI for the multimedia coverage of “The Trial of Menéndez” produced together with Juan Carlos Simo and Lisandro Guzmán. In 2010 he coordinated the I+D department of Funky Mobile Ideas of Cmpusmóvil Lab.

Together with the Colectivo Piloto she worked on the creation of the urban installation, which promoted the creation of audiovisual contents by the residents of the Sagrera neighbourhood and their mass distribution to mobile devices via Bluetooth.