Jaume Funes

Psychologist, educator and journalist specialising in adolescence and its social difficulties.

Jaume Funes (Calatayud, 1947) is a psychologist, educator, and journalist. He has worked in schools and public administrations, in educational and therapeutic care, and supervising and accompanying teams. He specialises in the world of adolescents and their social problems. He has been a teacher and researcher in several universities. His first book was La nueva delincuencia infantil y juvenil (1981), and his most recent are Álex no entiende el mundo (2014) and Cal fer deures? Mares i pares que ajuden a aprendre. He is a regular contributor to several media outlets.


A school system for everyone

Jaume Funes

The need to change the school system has been on the cards for some time: schools do not teach students how to function in today's world.