Alejandra López Gabrielidis

Philosopher specialising in art and digital technologies.

In her research, she examines the new modalities of corporeality that arise in relation to the phenomenon of datafication, analysing the relations between data and the body based on a paradigm of distributed agency and cognition. She currently works as a researcher with Tecnopolítica (UOC / IN3) and is co-coordinator of the Sociotechnical Conceptualization Vector. She also works as a professor of Critical Theories of Interactive Design, Digital Behaviour and Internet Mining at ELISAVA, and she teaches Aesthetics and New Media at ESDi. She translated the book by Franco “Bifo” Berardi And: Phenomenology of the End: Sensibility and Connective Mutation (Semiotext(e), 2015) and has published articles and essays in various magazines and with different publishing houses, including Holobionte, BRAC, InterARTive, Teknokultura, Arquine, El Salto, as well as texts for exhibitions such as Ssssssssilex (La Capella) and Cuerpo y Ficción (Dilalica).