Àlex Hinojo

Wikimedia GLAMWiki ambassador. Wikipedia writer specialising in the promotion of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums), cultural management projects and Catalan museums in the online encyclopaedia.

Kippelboy (Barcelona, 1980) is a Wikimedia GLAMwiki Ambassador. He holds a degree in Business Administration and postgraduate diplomas in Museum Studies and Cultural Management, and dedicates himself to looking for and promoting collaborations between museums and Wikipedia. As an emerging professional in the museum field and an experienced Wikipedist, he is very interested in the museum-Wikipedia relationship, and closely monitors the Wikipedia:GLAM project. He began to edit Wikipedia in 2007, initially writing articles linked to video art and eventually doing a bit of everything as he became more interested in the project. Lately, he writes articles related to Catalan museums and heritage. One of his many pending challenges is to complete the missing articles on the List of Artists with works in the MNAC. He is also a member of the Amical Wikipedia Association, actively disseminating the project and its principles.