Agustín Fernández Mallo

Physicist and writer, creator of “Post-poetic poetry” and runner-up of the Anagrama Essay Award in 2009.

Agustín Fernandez Mallo is a physicist and writer. In the year 2000 he created the term “Post-poetic poetry” – connections between literature and the sciences. He has published the following collections of poems: Yo siempre regreso a los pezones y al punto 7 del Tractatus (2001), Creta lateral travelling (2004), Joan Fontaine odisea [mi deconstrucción] (2005) and Carne de Píxel (2008), for which he has received several awards. He has also published the novel Nocilla Dream (2006), selected by specialised magazines critics as the fourth most significant Spanish novel of the decade, and Nocilla Experience (2008) and Nocilla Lab (2009), both of which were named novel of the year by several different media. His latest work is El hacedor (de Borges) Remake, (2011).

For his essays, he was shortlisted for the 2009 Anagrama Essay Award for Postpoesía, hacia un nuevo paradigma.

In partnership with Eloy Fernández Porta, he has formed the spoken work duo Afterpop Fernández y Fernández (music, video and texts).


General Theory of Rubbish

Agustín Fernández Mallo

On the evolution of culture, now that we are living in the post era, where artists and thinkers are recycling the remnants of a society that has come undone.