Readers that live inside us

Lector Mundi. © CCCB, Susana Gellida, 2005.

In 2005 we created an installation called Lector Mundi Ten thousand ways to read where we tried to reflect the rapid changes taking place in the habits of reading and in many ways there is to write.

Summer holidays are a good time to relax, discover and maybe amplify all the different readers that live in us. Perhaps, as suggested by Gilles Deleuze, a good way to read is doing it like one listens to a record, watches a film or a TV show… And it is also likely that new readers retain or rediscover their bibliophrenic soul, enjoying all that book as traditonal objects can offer.

Whatever the case, from CCCB LAB, we offer a short list of books and authors that have inspired us through the past year, and which, together with bibliographies and links to projects such as NOW and I+C+i make a protein synthesis for new roads in research, transformation and innovation.

As we approach Bookcamp Kosmopolis, the opening of Anilla Latinoamerica-Europa, and a new chapter of SOY CAMARA dedicated to new culture, these books are a guide to free sailors, omnivorous readers and lovers of desinfoxication. Because the pleasure of learning, knowing and acting is the best antidote against the melancholy of the world.

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Readers that live inside us