Flaubertian Definition

Variations of the definition of the Internet of Things depending on whether we take the perspective of objects, corporations, administrations, or citizens.


GIF based on «Bodegón con cacharros» by Francisco de Zurbarán (c. 1650) | Ferran Esteve | BY-NC-SA 4.0

  1. Def. It is the necessary connection of your washing machine to your mobile phone, your car and the public lighting in your street. A major advance since the union of a sewing machine and an umbrella over the dissection table of the surrealists.
  2. Def. According to the corporate history of the Internet, which happens in the future, it is a marvel.
  3. Def. According to the vision of the local government, it is another way of generating concessions to corporations within the discourse of improving city management with the aid of technology. Technology are all the sensors that are manufactured by these corporations and all the information systems that they control. It is also a condition to be in this thing that is cool in the cities, the smart cities thing.
  4. Def. According to techno-aware citizens it is a Foucaldian-Orwellian scenario that incorporates that part of the Californian ideology centred on control and exploitation of life through the Device. According to a very popular saying among these techno-citizens, all this is counteracted and resolved with the appropriation of these same technologies by Smart citizens who cooperate by creating a Commons of data and devices.
  5. Def. Buzzword number 254644 of the Internet Era.
Internet de las cosas, 2016

Internet of Things, 2016 | Ferran Esteve | BY-NC-SA 4.0

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