Do it yourself

The “maker” culture proposes production alternatives with principles such as do-it-yourself, freedom, community and collaboration. At the same time, within a context of mass digitalisation, we observe a resurgence of old techniques in the craft tradition: vinyl, cinema in super-8 fanzines, etc.

“The carpenter, lab technician, and conductor are all craftsmen because they are dedicated to good work for its own sake.”

Richard Sennett

«L’error de programació obliga el software a adaptar-se i evolucionar cap a alguna cosa nova. O ho soluciona o hi troba un pedaç. En tot cas, canvia. Es converteix en una cosa nova. La nova versió. La inevitable actualització»

Mr. Robot

“Only persistence in distributed interaction ends up generating identity and, consequently, community and enough social and interpersonal commitments to raise common programmes.”

David de Ugarte


Under-the-Radar Publications

Anna Ramos

Between a collection, an archive and a reference area, La Fanzinoteca is inspired by the spirit of amateurism and by a passion for fanzines and micropublishing.