Critical Mass

There are in fact no masses; there are only ways of seeing people as masses.
Raymond Williams.
The concept of mass has historically evolved from a gregarious social entity, subject to manipulation, to a collective interconnected brain capable of self-organisation.

This is the starting point for Critical Mass, which the ZZZinc cultural platform presents in NOW, Meetings in the Present Continuous, in collaboration with CCCB LAB.

The working process behind Critical Mass has different phases and objectives.

Narratives will be examined from different disciplines, approaches, and fields of knowledge. Within history, sociology, anthropology, maths and cybernetics, the analysis of mass has acquired greater relevance since the appearance of new technological devices that facilitate cooperation and coordination, increasing the creative potential while revealing dilemmas that concern subtle and complex means of controlling collective behaviour.

Investigation will develop and evolve by putting into practice collaborative intelligence through workshops, reading groups and discussions that will facilitate the exploration of the main theme and the establishment of new approaches and means of knowledge.

The results of this process will enable:

  1. Creation of an online archive to store and process knowledge generated during the first phase of the project.
  2. Production of an audiovisual work that can be treated through different devices and platforms. There is also the possibility of turning the project into an onsite/online exhibition.

Follow the evolution of CRITICAL MASS at CCCB LAB weblog and ZZZinc.

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