Blake Whitman: The expansion of creativity

At this year’s edition of OFFF on Year Zero, CCCB has taken three days to look to the future hand in hand with the best international design and media professionals.

One of the outstanding contributions to the festival was Blake Whitman, one of the creators of Vimeo.

In this interview Whitman summarizes the special features that make his project special and his visionary gaze of a world in constant transformation.

With the idea of creating a platform to upload their own works and those of friends, Vimeo has been one of the most interesting models of videographic presentation in the net when it comes to media art in its various forms and possibilities . Vimeo’s  simple and intuitive interface  allows for the display and enjoyment of quality and high definition  audiovisual work. Therefore, the number of subscribers increases daily.

Initiatives like this contribute to the expansion of creativity and transformation of the classical definition of an artist and filmmaker.

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Blake Whitman: The expansion of creativity