Violeta Blasco

Violeta Blasco is an independent filmmaker specialising in documentaries. She is currently investigating the representation of women in the interactive documentary.

Violeta Blasco has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Jaume I, an MA in Creative Documentary from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and an MA in Applied Research in Feminist, Gender and Citizenship Studies from Universitat Jaume I. She has co-directed the documentaries Cabeza de Orquídea, Sacristán and Asghar, diario ambulante, which have won awards at national and international festivals. In the educational field, she participated in the creation of the youth empowerment webdoc HEBE and she has worked with cultural development associations such as A Bao a Qu and La Maranya. She has been an intern at the CCCBLab.


In Praise of Brevity

Violeta Blasco | Marcos Prior

An exploration of audiovisual micro-narratives used in the cultural field with a duration three minutes and under.