Solana Larsen

Editor and activist for digital rights specialising in the use of the web and citizens’ media.

Solana writes a newsletter for the World Wide Web Foundation’s Web We Want project about digital rights, explaining complex issues such as algorithms or cyber peace “in 3 minutes”. Solana is also part of a small team that leads FASTAfrica, a Web We Want campaign that unites digital rights groups in 20 African countries in demanding faster, more affordable Internet for all Africans.

She has an MA in International Journalism from City University in London, a BA in Communications & Sociology from Goldsmith’s College and has taught online journalism at New York University. For seven years, she was managing editor of Global Voices, an award-winning community of bloggers, writers and translators who report on international events and online activism with websites in more than 30 different languages. Before this she was an editor with global politics website, Her career has focused on use of the web, and especially citizen media, for global dialogue and international news reporting. Global Voices was among the first groups to highlight censorship and arrests of bloggers worldwide and helped bring online media issues to traditional press freedom organizations while the Internet was still young.


Who Saved the Web?

Solana Larsen

Entendre Internet com a bé comú, implica garantir al ciutadans el dret a la lliure expressió, a la privacitat i a l'accés.