Roser Cabré-Verdiell


She is the author of the novel AIOUA (Males Herbes, 2022), winner of the Finestres Prize, and has penned a long list of stories that have been published in anthologies including Autòctones (Comanegra, 2023), Barcelona 2059 (Mai Més, 2021), Extraordinàries (Males Herbes, 2020), Estats alterats de la ment (Males Herbes, 2017) and Deu relats ecofuturistes (Males Herbes, 2016). She also regularly contributes to Catorze and has participated in the literary creation magazine Carn de Cap with the story On her city as well as the special edition of Branca entitled Els coets venien com llagostes, produced in collaboration with the CCCB on the occasion of Kosmopolis 21, and the magazine Circular by Extinció Edicions. Her short story Soc la llevadora, published in Extraordinàries, received the 2021 Ictineu Prize.


The Last Wave

Roser Cabré-Verdiell

A story that questions how we relate to collapse as a society and as individuals.