Oriol Ripoll

Specialist in games, he develops educational projects and communication experiences.

Author of games for educational projects, advertising, leisure, communication experiments, meetings and training experiences. He works as a teacher at different universities on master’s degree courses and postgraduate qualifications (URL, UPF, UB, UdG), conferences and training programmes (Porta 22 of Barcelona Activa, Pimec and summer schools). He currently works as a creative at Jocs al segon, a consulting company dedicated to the development of games applied to communication and education projects. In recent years he has developed over fifty proposals for games for advertising campaigns, museum programmes, videogames, exhibitions conferences, educational programmes or outdoor activities. He is author of a dozen games books, some of which have been translated into different languages. Since 2009 he has published a weekly column in the Estilos de Vida supplement of La Vanguardia. He is also a regular collaborator for different media where he explains and recommends games of different kinds.