Marta Peirano

A journalist and researcher specialising in the relationship between technology and power.

A founder of the daily ADN, the magazine Campobase and the projects Copyfight, Cryptoparty and Hack Hackers Berlin, she joined in 2015. Here, she has been head of Culture and Technology and, in the last two years, deputy editor. She has published El petit llibre vermell de l’activista en la xarxa (The Little Red Book of the Network Activist, Rocaeditorial, 2015, with a prologue by Edward Snowden), and El enemigo conoce el sistema (The Enemy Knows the System, Debat, 2019), an essay on surveillance capitalism in which she links addiction to mobile phones with the data mining industry and its role as a tool for controlling and manipulating the masses. She works on a regular basis with El País, La Sexta, and the science magazine Muy Interesante. She also heads the weekly section on technopolitics of Spanish National Radio and is a member of the working group for cyberdefence at the Centre for Advanced Studies in National Defence (CESEDEN).