Maria Callís Cabrera

Poet and associate professor at the University of Barcelona.

She has published several collections of poems, among them Jonàs (Editorial Galerada, 2004), La matinada clara (The Clear Morning, Edicions a Petició, 2010), Ningú no ens representa. Poetes emprenyats (No One Represents Us: Pissed-Off Poets, Editorial Setzevents, 2011, published with seventy other poets), and La ciutat cansada (The Weary City, Proa, 2017). Some of her poems have been set to music by several Catalan groups and singers, for example Manel, and Sílvia Pérez Cruz. In 2004 she received the Amadeu Oller Prize for Young Unpublished Poets for Jonàs and, in 2016, the Carles Riba Prize for La ciutat cansada.



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