Marcos Prior

Marcos Prior is an illustrator and comics scriptwriter, he has also worked in advertising, designing storyboards.

He has produced illustrations for publishers such as Cruïlla/SM, Ediciones Rockdelux and Editorial Sol 90. He has also produced storyboards for advertising campaigns for Ogilvy Bassat, Vinizius Young & Rubicam, McCann, Shackleton Group and Adding-Targis.

He has worked as a scriptwriter on comic-books for Planeta DeAgostini with the series Oropel and Cool Tokio; Ediciones La Cúpula with Rosario y los InagotablesEl Comebalas and Secta Doraymon. He wrote the graphic novel Raymond Camille and the self-contained stories of Mundo Maremoto, supported by the drawings of Artur Laperla. He also created Fagocitosis, for Glénat, with his script and drawings by Danide, and El Potlatch, Norma Editorial, a graphic novel produced in collaboration with Danide.

As a scriptwriter and illustrator, he has produced the following projects: Fallos de raccord, for Diábolo Ediciones; Maria Callas, la ilusión biográfica, for Discmedi (unpublished) and Año de los 4 emperadores, for Diábolo Ediciones. For Astiberri Ediciones he produced Necrópolis and worked in partnership on Gran Hotel Abismo, together with David Rubín, and Catálogo de Bunkers, together with Jordi Pastor.


In Praise of Brevity

Violeta Blasco | Marcos Prior

An exploration of audiovisual micro-narratives used in the cultural field with a duration three minutes and under.