Marc Caellas

Writer, creator and director of stage proposals.

Marc Caellas (Barcelona, 1974) writes, creates and directs stage ideas. He has published Carcelona (Melusina, 2011) and Caracaos (Peregrino, 2014), and Teatro del bueno is forthcoming (Teatron tinta, 2015).

His latest dramatic productions, presented in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Caracas and Madrid, have been Entrevistas breves con escritores repulsivos (2011), based on texts by David Foster Wallace; El paseo de Robert Walser (2012); Notas de Cocina(2013), based on a text by Rodrigo García, and Cuento mi vida (2014), a documentary theatre creation presented at various of the city’s venues.


The lecture-performance

Marc Caellas

This is a call for cultural managers, creators, and audiences to come up with new approaches to renew the genre of the master class.