Lucía Piedra Galarraga

Researcher, independent curator and professor.

Lucía Piedra explores anti-racist and decolonial activism, means of representation, forms of governance and critical thinking. She has completed the master’s degree in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona-UAB and the Independent Studies Programme coordinated by the MACBA and the Cos i Textualitat (Body and Textuality) research group at the UAB.

She has participated as curator in the projects Relaciones ortográficas (en tiempos revueltos), winner of the Terrassa Comissariat 2013-2014 cycle; Ne travaillez jamais, winner of the Curatorial Challenge (II) of ADN Platform 2015, and One Year Women’s Performance 2015-2016 by the artist Raquel Friera (Palau de la Virreina, 2018). She currently coordinates the Grup de Pensament, Pràctiques i Activismes Afro/Negres (GPPAAN, Afro/Black Thinking, Practices and Activisms) research group associated with the MACBA, the Institut de Pedagogies Afro/Negres platform (IPA, Institute of Afro/Black Pedagogies) and collaborates with the Africa Moment Festival.


Kentridge. That Which is Not Written

Neus Miró | Aída Esther Bueno Sarduy | Lucía Piedra Galarraga | Beatriz Leal Riesco

We invite an art critic, a specialist in contemporary African film, an anthropologist and documentary maker, and a researcher of anti-racist activism to share their insight into William Kentridge.