Libby Heaney

Artist with training in quantum physics, her projects have been exhibited internationally and focus on investigating the impact of the new technologies.

Libby Heaney is an artist, researcher and lecturer with a background in quantum computing. Her artistic research concerns the impacts of new technologies. She has exhibited in London (including at the Tate Modern, V&A and Christie’s), New York, Peru, and across Europe including as part of the official programme at the 2017 EU capital of culture in Aarhus, Denmark. She has won numerous prizes and commissions including a Sky Arts Art 50 commission for Her work has been featured in print and on the radio in the UK and in Europe including the BBC. Libby is a research tutor at the Royal College of Art since 2014 and a resident of Somerset House Studios.



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We asked different authors to take a free, textual, no-links approach to the idea of disconnection and technology addiction.


Quantum Agencies

Libby Heaney

What does it mean to intersect our everyday world with the seemingly counter-intuitive field of quantum science? And how have these entanglements been interrogated through art?