Lolita Bosch

Activist and author of novels.

(Barcelona,1970). Lolita Bosch writes children’s and young people’s literature, novels, essays, anthologies, journalism and research. She has taken part in many events, literary fairs, conferences and congresses. She gives talks at universities and centres in many places around the world. She also writes opinion pieces and articles on philosophy and social analysis. Within the doctoral programme in philosophy, Citizenship and Human Rights. The Politics of the Subject (University of Barcelona), she is the author of a thesis, directed by Miguel Morey, about the practical application of literature.

She has lived in Albons (Girona), the United States, India, spent a year in Oaxaca and nine in Mexico City, and Mexico is the country that she has considered home for many years. Throughout her career, she has worked in five main areas: literature, journalism, activism, cultural work to strengthen social inclusion, and the transmission of knowledge and learning methods.