Javier Celaya

Expert in the digital era and founding member of dosdoce.com, he works on gaining literacy in new technologies aimed at publishing companies, bookstores, libraries and museums.

Javier Celaya (Bilbao, 1963) is a founder member of Dosdoce.com. Since it was set up in March 2004, Dosdoce.com has worked to encourage publishers, bookshops, libraries, museums and foundations to use all kinds of technologies and understand the implications and benefits of using them. To help cultural managers understand the times we are living in, the Dosdoce.com team has published over 40 studies and reports about the use of new technologies in different areas of the cultural sector.

Celaya is vice-president of the Asociación de Revistas Digitales de España (ARDE) and, since 2010, has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Asociación Española de la Economía Digital (Adigital). He has a master’s degree in International Relations (University of Columbia, New York) and studied Business Management (Boston College).


The Book to Come

Javier Celaya

Artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality are set to change the book world over the next ten years.