Ingrid Guardiola

Teacher, audiovisual programmer, director and essayist

She has contributed, from all these perspectives, to public debate on televised formats and the role of images and technological devices in today’s world. At present she is curator of the “Soy Cámara” project, a laboratory for the new visual formats produced by the CCCB, and is also a member of the programming committee of the Barcelona Sample for Quality Television (MINIPUT), of which she was Director from 2002 to 2018. She has a PhD in the Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and has been a teaching associate at the University of Girona since 2009. She has taught in several Catalan universities, where she has also carried out research into questions related with gender, inequality and technology in the framework of audiovisual culture and practice. In this domain, she is one of the promoters of the project “La dimensió poc coneguda: pioneres del cinema” (The Little-Known Dimension: Women Pioneers in Cinema) in which the aim is to research into and popularise the history of women filmmakers. She made her debut as a director of feature films with the documentary-essay Casa de ningú (Nobody’s Home, Boogaloo Films, 2017), in which she reflects, from the standpoint of two ageing communities, on memory, productivity, work and their own demise as communities. Recently she has published the essay L’ull i la navalla (The Eye and the Knife, Arcàdia, 2018, Serra d’Or Critics’ Award for non-Fiction 2018), in which she analyses how images condition our private life and determine the dynamics of the public sphere and communities. The Spanish language version, El ojo y la navaja, was published in 2019.


Rereading Debord

Ingrid Guardiola

A look at today’s hyperconnected society of social media, cognitive capitalism and algorithms through the lens of the work of Guy Debord.