Iu Andrés

Iu Andrés is a journalist and holds a degree in Philosophy and two Master’s accreditations in European Integration and Journalism.

Born in Barcelona in 1985, he’s currently working as a journalist for radio SER Catalonia and as a teacher of the BCN_NYC Journalism Master’s course shared by the Barcelona and the Columbia Universities. In the past he worked as a copywriter for television and as editor and scriptwriter of documentaries and feature stories. He specializes in international information and has reported in situ during the terrorist attacks recently occurred in Europe (Paris, Nice, Berlin, Manchester, London) as well as covered the latest elections in France, UK and the USA, the Brexit issues or the refugee crisis in the north of Irak. He has a keen interest in countries immersed in post-conflict and has visited or lived at length in Lebanon, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. For some months he acted as correspondent in Madrid covering political information. To get some relief from the hard facts related to current affairs and daily information, he has been collaborating for years with the CCCB either with articles or interviews about philosophy and thought as well as in the Cultural and International sections of the ARA daily newspaper.