Germán Cano

Tenured Lecturer in the Philosophy and Society Department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Specialised in contemporary philosophy, the subjects and authors he has worked on – Antonio Gramsci, Stuart Hall, Ernesto Laclau, Walter Benjamin, Wendy Brown and Terry Eagleton – help him to focus his analyses on the critical connection between political philosophy, cultural theory and new subjectivities. His work also focuses on the problems of biolysis arising from the genealogical research carried out by authors such as Friedrich Nietzsche – some of the works of whom he has edited and translated into Spanish – and Michel Foucault. His publications include Mark Fisher: los espectros del tardocapitalismo (Gedisa, 2023), Transición Nietzsche (Pre-Textos, 2020), together with Jorge Alemán, Del desencanto al populismo. Encrucijadas de una época (NED editions, 2017), Fuerzas de flaqueza. Nuevas gramáticas políticas: del 15M a Podemos (La Catarata, 2015), Freud (RBA, Barcelona, 2015), Adoquines bajo la playa. Escenografías biopolíticas del 68 (Grama, 2011), Hacer morir, dejar vivir. Biopolítica y capitalismo (ed.) (La Catarata, 2010), Nietzsche y la crítica de la modernidad (Biblioteca Nueva, 2001) and Como un ángel frío (Pre-Textos, 2000). He is also a regular contributor to different Spanish newspapers and cultural supplements.