Francesc Balagué

Primary education teacher, educational psychologist and doctor in educational multimedia. Consultant in educational innovation and design of learning experiences at

Francesc Balagué has a long background in the educational field, in e-learning and in the training of adults, young people and teachers. He has designed strategies for training and for the creation of contents and material and has coordinated various different projects. He also has extensive experience in research and innovation, having undertaken stays at different universities around the world and he is the author of several publications.As an entrepreneur, he has developed different projects, including the congresses organisation platform Wonference. He has an interest in crowdfunding, communication and communities management, and wrote the free guide Crowdfunding Sherpas.He has been Team Coach on the LEINN (Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation) university degree course and Communication Manager of the Teamlabs Barcelona campus, as well as education innovation consultant at Induct.He is currently a trainer and facilitator for the Escola Nova 21 programme and consultant for educational innovation and the design of learning experiences at