Ferran Esteve

Political scientist, journalist and illustrator working on the social impact of technology, art with a political component and digital culture.

Ferran Esteve is a political scientist, journalist and illustrator, specialized in the overlapping of art, technology and social change. In the field of research, he has been a consultant in the Department of Culture of the Generalitat Catalan Government, carrying out studies into cultural innovation, historical statistics in the cultural industries and comparative cultural policy. He has also worked as a cultural journalist and expert in digital communication for various publications, and public and private bodies. He is currently responsible for Innovation and Digital Transformation at the NGO Oxfam Intermón. On the creative side, he has worked as an illustrator and comic book artist, as well as editor of artistic publications.


Flaubertian Definition

Ramon Sangüesa | Ferran Esteve

Variations of the definition of the Internet of Things depending on whether we take the perspective of objects, corporations, administrations, or citizens.