Éric Sadin

Essayist and philosopher, Éric Sadin, is one of the most renowned French personalities of the moment among those researching so-called “digital subjectivity”.

In various texts he has been concerned with outlining a diagnosis of contemporary society and its practices according to the impact that technological artefacts have on humanity. His books – which are generating increasing enthusiasm among the critics and growing numbers of readers – include: Surveillance globale. Enquête sur les nouvelles formes de contrôle (2009), La société de l’anticipation (2011), La humanidad aumentada (2013, Hub Prize for the most influential essay on the digital phenomenon), La vie algorithmique and La silicolonisation du monde (2015). Éric Sadin also conducts teaching and research work in different cities around the world and is a regular contributor of articles in Le MondeLibérationLes Inrockuptibles and Die Zeit, among other media.


World Siliconization

Éric Sadin

The irresistible expansion of digital liberalism points towards regulating, for the sole purpose of benefit, the course of life through algorithms.