Enric Pérez Canals

Lecturer in Physics at the UB, and also a specialist in the history of quantum physics.

Born in Barcelona in 1974 and a Graduate in Physics, he earned his PhD with a thesis on the History of Physics at the University of Barcelona. He is currently associate professor of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics at the same university and, together with professor Pere Seglar wrote the book Física Estadística. De estados y partículas: una mirada nueva a viejas controversias, published in 2018. He is the author of various articles specialising in the history of quantum physics, to which he devotes a substantial part of his teaching.


Schrödinger’s Cat Visits Spain

Enric Pérez Canals

About when Erwin Schrödinger published an article and taught two lectures in Spain and about the meaning of the question and the metaphor in popular science.