Elisabet Goula Sardà

Head of the Centre for Documentation and Debates at CCCB.

Elisabet Goula Sardà (Barcelona, 1974) has been the coordinator of the CCCB debates programme since 2002 and has taken on different responsibilities, from the conceptualisation and organisation of multiple local and international projects to the coordination of the digitalisation of the CCCB collections. She was recently the CCCB’s head of large-scale projects such as the Open City Thinking Biennale. With a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the UAB, she has a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanities from the UPF with research on the political aspects of the artwork of North American abstract painter Robert Motherwell. In addition to her career at the CCCB, she has also worked in the publishing industry and on different cultural projects, such as the exhibition “Orwell in Catalonia” (Casa de Cultura de Girona, 2003) and the digital publication 50×7. She has different scholarly publications and was chosen to be part of the anthology entitled Veus de la nova narrativa catalana (Voices from the New Catalan Narrative), published by Empúries and Anagrama, 2010.