Efraín Foglia

Designer in digital interactions, a researcher and a lecturer. His work is positioned at the intersection between design, citizen activism and network technologies.

His research projects have encompassed everything from neuroscience and its relationship with alternative communication to infrastructures based on mesh networks and possible futures for the Internet, as well as new paradigms in design. He is a founding member of guifi.net, the largest self-managed telecommunications network in the world. In 2011 he founded Mobilitylab, a platform for the design of real-life and digital interactions.

He holds a PhD in the Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He is a member of the BRAC (Barcelona, Research, Art & Creation) research group of the University of Barcelona, and of the GIIP (Group for Research into the Convergence between Art, Science and Technology) of the UNESP (São Paulo State University). He is a lecturer at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and also at the University of Vic’s Department of Communication. He has been established in Barcelona since 2003.



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Towards a New Design Atlas

Efraín Foglia

Social and industrial changes in recent decades are urging a reconsideration of design typologies, with a re-reading for the current era.