Daniel Granados

Researcher and music producer specialising in music culture and Creative Commons, he directs the International Music Observatory (IMO).

Daniel Granados (Barcelona, 1981) is the director of Producciones Doradas, a production company that releases records that can be downloaded for free under CC licences, and combines this with research into new uses of music, the history of contemporary pop music, and the new relationships between users and creators. He is currently the director of the International Music Observatory (IMO), an organisation that carries out research into the music sector in different urban contexts in collaboration with Charles III University in Madrid (UCIIM) and Primavera Sound.

He co-programmes the theoretical and extra-musical content of festivals such as Sónar (SONAR+D), Primavera Sound (Primavera Pro) and Monkey Week (Monkey Brain) and engages in research with other national and international organisations (Seminar on the Transformation of the Music Sector in the Digital Era, UCIIIM, and Medellín Fine Arts Foundation, among others).

Interested in new radio formats, he has directed projects such as El Diferencial, a radio show that mixes the traditional live radio format with new voices that aren’t drawn from the conventional channels such as television and radio, but have often reached mass audiences through their own means.

Daniel Granados is also a co-founder and active member of ZZZINC, a platform of curators, journalists, academics, independent researchers and cultural producers.


The Subjective Community

Daniel Granados

We have seen the emergence of many attempts to create communal spaces as new autonomous models that offer an alternative to the existing institutional framework