Christine Planté

French Literature professor at the Lumière University Lyon 2. She also directs a research project on gender with the LIRE research group.

Christine Planté is a lecturer in French literature at the Université Lyon 2 and member of the LIRE laboratory, where she directs the line of research on gender. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Émilie du Châtelet Institute. Her work focuses on theories, writings, and representations of the masculine and feminine in literature, and in the place of writers in the literary institution and literary criticism. Selected publications include: La Petite Soeur de Balzac. Essai sur la femme auteur (1st ed., Paris, Seuil, 1989; 2nd ed., revised and corrected, Lyon, PUL, 2014); Le Genre comme catégorie d’analyse. Sociologie, Histoire, Littérature (co-directed with Dominique Fougeyrollas-Schwebel et al., Paris L’Harmattan, 2003).


What Gender Owes to Grammar

Yannick Chevalier | Christine Planté

Linguistic analysis and the study of language use is thus a necessary step in understanding how the social organisation of sex relations is perpetuated.