Bea Lozano


Born in Salamanca in 1986, she currently lives in Barcelona, where she studied illustration at Escola Massana. She took part in the Xavier Nogués seminar on experimental printing and in the Meta-Mática workshop on desktop publishing and movable-type printing in L’Automàtica. In 2017 she earned a special mention and was selected to form part of the 8th Ibero-American Illustration Catalogue. She was also selected in the Ilustrarte 2018 International Biennial. Her first illustrated book, Por encima de nogales por debajo de zarzales, was recently published by Incendi. In 2018 she won the 9th Iberoamérica Ilustra prize.


Feminist Killjoys

Sara Ahmed | Bea Lozano

When feminist conscience is associated with a kind of misfortune, can we consider the happiness of women outside of the dominant social ideals?