Bashkim Shehu

Writer of Albanian origin resident in Barcelona and adviser to the CCCB.

He has published several novels and collections of short stories which have been translated into French, English, Italian, Catalan and Spanish, among other languages. The books to have been published in Spain are Confesión junto a una tumba vacía (Confession beside an empty grave, Ed. Península, 1998. Autobiographical novel) and L’últim viatge d’Ago Ymeri (The last journey of Ago Ymeri, Meteòra, 2001. Version in Catalan and Spanish. Fictional novel).

In 1997 he was received by the International Parliament of Writers in Barcelona in the framework of the Asylum City Programme. He is currently advisor at the CCCB. Coordinator of the cycles of lectures East or East/East-West (2000) and World and Experiences (2001).