Anna Punsoda

Journalist, philosopher, translator and essay critic. She received a grant from the Joan Maragall Foundation to write her thesis “The social and political thinking of Joan Maragall”.

Anna Punsoda Ricart holds a degree in Journalism (URL) and another in Philosophy (UB). She studied for her master’s degree in Philosophy and Classical Studies at the UB, where she presented her thesis The Social and Political Thought of Joan Maragall – with a grant from the Joan Maragall Foundation. She currently works as a teacher and translator of German and is a contributor to different media outlets as an essay critic. She is a Philosophy speaker at the Ateneu Barcelonès.


Ramon Llull and Network Thinking

Anna Punsoda

What is the Arts Magna? What was the reach of Ramon Llull’s logical-conceptual system? What language did it speak? What world could be created on that basis?